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I sent in a complaint to the Atty.Gen.

last month but haven't heard anything, yet. I suggest everyone do that. I noticed that every time I signed up for a job on I received telemarketing calls regarding educational information that I requested. I have no interest in college or any other coursework.

On the the Website there is a check box for such a thing, but I honestly can't remember if I unchecked it. If you notice, many of the ads are for educational services. The site is covered with them which is unusual for a job site. Compare it to

Nevertheless, I tried getting into the site, but I forgot my password. I emailed jobdiagnosis for it, but I never received a reply. I believe the site is a rouse to get information about you to sell you these educational services. And if you notice, they are asking you to choose an age category.

It's illegal to ask for age on a job application. Why are they gathering this information? I called the number back last time and it gave me an option to opt out of any further calls. But there was no one else to reach.

Stay away from this site.And please complain to your Attorney General.

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Fortunately, it is easy to bypass this site. Jobdiagnosis has no actual content; it links to other job sites. It's just a "wall". But since it has no connection to actual job sites, you can lie to it as much as you want. So just put in a fake name and a dummy email and it will happily send you somewhere useful.

If you do put in a real name and [god forbid] telephone number, you may as well have sent that info to the Russian mob. Waves of spam are coming your way.


I filed with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.I too had some potential implicit and confusing statement that makes me wonder if they expect me to pay for something.

This kind of nonsense does not hold up in contract law and my advice to anyone is to send and email to stating that you disavow and assumed agreements by any vendor and that you will report them to your state attorney general.Tell them this immediately and in some states you have a period of time to negate a contract especially if a contract was delivered under subterfuge or confusing statements.


Why was I receiving telemarketing call about educational information.Why are there so many complaints on the Internet about receiving telemarketing calls from 971-220-1894?

Why does JobDiagnosis have so many educational information ads on the site? has none of those types of ads. Why does JobDiagnosis ask for your mobile phone number and age range?

Employers can't ask those questions, so why is that information necessary?If JobDiagnosis was compiling demographic within a certain profile for a telemarketing list, then it does make sense!



We apologize for any inconvenience.If you are having any login issues, please feel free to email in order to get a new username and password sent to you.

Also, we can help get you removed from any list if you had mistakenly selected to receive education related offers.

Our goal is to get you connected to jobs and other career related information.We appreciate your feedback and are continuously working to improve your experience.

to JobDiagnosis Support #657384

***!! Ur a scam job diagnosis and will burn in *** for fooling those who are trying to feed their families. Good day

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