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Every time I go to fill out the application for a job on your web site, I get that my email address is invalid or already used.It is

I need to fill out applications and no other web site has a problem with my email address. I would like to know what the problem is or if you can get this fixed. Please let me know.

Also, I should not have to write a minimum of a 100 words in order to complain.Trying to put 100 words in to what I need to complain about is dumb.

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Thanks to all for adding their complaints. Get the word around so will someday close it's doors. Try complaining to your Attorney General.


Thank you for your feedback.

In order to apply for a job, users must first be logged on with their username and password. Since you received a message saying the email address exists, this tells us that you have already registered for the site. After you registered, you should have received an email with your given username and password. If you would like to get your credentials again, please email

We hope to improve your experience on our site and help in your job seeking journey! Thank you.


I have the "same" problem, and after some research, I find that their link is a scam to obtain personal information!

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